Lab 12

1. My code for Eliza Chatterbox is accessible by clicking this link. 2.  Working with the Eliza Chatterbox once again took me back to the days of AIM/ AOL instant messenger and chat bots. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the names of the chat bots that I was AIM friends with, but the interactions […]

Lab 12

I think it is fairly clear to everyone that my good friend Eliza is not full of creative or literary possibilities; however, this introduction to coding did give me a clue as to how it could be.  I am sure there are ways to use the ‘if’ function with more […]

Lab #12, Is Eliza Human?

This exercise with Eliza really reminded me of the ways that computers are becoming more and more involved in our every day lives, and in a sense how they are taking over to some degree. During the exercise I thought about the different ways that I use Siri, and it […]

Lab # 12 – Scripting

This semester, and more specifically, this course, has been my first real exposure to coding. Although I use technologies and am aware and very capable of maneuvering my way around a computer, I never realized exactly what coding entailed, or how one exactly “wrote code”. In a world dominated by […]

Lab #12

python code This lab got me thinking about how technology is blurring the lines between humans and computers. The code that we wrote for this Chatterbot was pretty simple and generic, but I would imagine that someone who is much more experienced with Python could create a code that would […]

Lab #12

This lab opened my eyes to the possibilities of automated responses. To me, it acted like a messaging machine which could decide how to answer certain questions. Quite frankly, its kind of scary as well. Obviously the code we worked with is a very elementary version of what is possible with […]

Lab #9: BPL Rare Books Exhibit

  During our second visit to the BPL’s Rare Book Exhibit, we were able to get a closer look and learn a bit more about the history of the books that were chosen for us. The books that caught my interest the most were the editions of Leaves of Grass […]

Lab #9

For this particular Lab/ visit to the BPL, I decided to pay close attention to the different editions of Walt Whitman’s  Leaves of Grass. For this lab I would like begin by doing a compare/ contrast of the two editions that I was able to handle.The Earlier edition: Large (folio sized),Thin, […]

Lab Report #9: BPL

The most fascinating comparison amongst the sets at the BPL, in my opinion, was the John Baskerville Vergil editions–both “real” and “pirated.” We were told a story about how Baskerville originally published the work as a collector’s edition, and then years later, when he needed to get some cash, sold […]

Lab #9

For this lab, I payed particular attention to the earliest books in the collection: The Bay Psalm Book and Eliot’s Indian Bible. On the surface, both of these books fall under the same category of religious text. Both are early printed books that tried to reaffirm the stories of Christianity through words. Yet […]