Lab #10

Never before last Saturday’s field trip have I used the term “out of sorts” literally. I had anticipated a challenge in arranging my type (a challenge that I would not exactly succeed in in my first round of printing–but having a mirror image of one’s name is almost better for […]

Lab #9: BPL Visit

It was interesting to approach a very similar activity to the one we did in our first BPL visit but with an entirely different set of texts. Because I was more familiar with the texts chosen for this visit, I found myself engaging more with the materials, and was quickly […]

Lab #10: Museum of Printing

Composing and printing at the museum made me consider some logistics of a print shop that I hadn’t thought about before. I had a feeling that inking the type could be messy, but what I hadn’t considered was how meticulous printers must have been in order to keep their pages […]

Lab #9: Bleak House & Shakespeare

For this lab, I looked at Charles Dicken’s Bleak House (1852-1853) and James O. Halliwell’s The Works of William Shakespeare (1853). Although the form and content of these books are quite different, they were both printed in multiple volumes, revealing some of the economic strategies used by printers during the […]