Lab #13: Multimodal Composition

[x] The above is a link to my (not often updated) personal Instagram account, where the post is a “regram” of someone else’s original picture as a method of joining a giveaway. Now, I’m not usually one to join a bunch of online giveaways in the slim hopes of winning, […]

Lab 13

REPRINTED LAB REPORT TEXT FROM WRITTEN? KITTEN! FOR READABILITY While there is obviously a multitude of different ways to engage with multimodal composition and online writing that are crafted for purposes of dissemination, publication, and communication, for this lab I’m trying to engage with multimodal writing on a personal, centralized, […]

Lab 9

In this lab, I decided to focus on the two copies of The Taming of the Shrew, by William Shakespeare. Both the internal cover pages, displaying the title, were exactly the same, even though they were published years apart. Something that I found very interesting was the layout of the […]