Lab 13

  For this lab, I contributed to the private Facebook group called Dogspotting. My post included a photo of a cute dog and a caption to that specifies where the photo was taken. The piece of writing (or whatever) is consumed by members of this private group on Facebook. The facebook group […]

Lab 12

1. My code for Eliza Chatterbox is accessible by clicking this link. 2.  Working with the Eliza Chatterbox once again took me back to the days of AIM/ AOL instant messenger and chat bots. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the names of the chat bots that I was AIM friends with, but the interactions […]

Lab 9: BPL trip #2

Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass is one of my all-time favorite books of poetry. So of course I was stoked to be able to see/handle original FIRST AND SECOND EDITIONS of the book at our last trip to the BPL. It’s always a great feeling to rediscover something/someone in a whole […]

Lab 8.5 Will Noel

Although much of what Will Noel talked about last Thursday had already been featured in his Ted Talk, I think seeing him in real life really brought home a few important points. What stood out the most to me were his points about access to the physical in the digital, including […]

Lab #6 across print modalities

My experience with working across print modalities was challenging, as expected. From the card given to us at the National Braille Press, I was able to start distinguishing between letters– but I kept having to look at the card to remember what the sighted letter actually is. In order to […]

Lab #4 TEI Encoding

Here is a link to the encoded text from letter #2 by Thomas Dorr. My last really dedicated experience with coding was probably in middle school, when I was obsessed attaining the perfect Myspace layout. Although HTML and XML are distinctly different, this lab brought me back to age 13. For me, […]

Lab 2- MFA media

  The Sumerian cuneiform tablet was one of the most interesting textual artifacts in the MFA. The sheer size of the text on this receipt is a testament to the written word, itself. The cuneiform is, foremost, made for practicality. It is lightweight and small. Anyone would be able to […]

Lab 1 – Mortified

    Based on a stage show in which grown men and women confront their own childhood journals, letters and documents, Mortified, the book, puts into print the creation of David Nadelberg, a team of editors, and dozens of submissions from adults with cringe-worthy, sometimes cathartic, pasts.  The outside cover of this […]