Lab #12

python code This lab got me thinking about how technology is blurring the lines between humans and computers. The code that we wrote for this Chatterbot was pretty simple and generic, but I would imagine that someone who is much more experienced with Python could create a code that would […]

Lab #10

The most difficult part of this lab, for me, was setting the type in the frame. The letters did not always fit together nicely, and I had to consider issues such as spacing and the final arrangement on the page. Fitting the little wood and metal pieces into the frame […]

Lab #6

Working with the Deaf-Blind community, I have come into contact with Braille and other forms of tactile communication more often than the average person probably would. I have never been required to learn Braille and thus have been mostly ignorant about how it works; it’s not at all necessary to […]

Lab Report #5

For this lab, I chose to focus on the Psalterium cum antiphonis  (1475) and the Nuremburg Chronicle (1493). I thought this would be an interesting comparison since it showcases many of the important differences between an illuminated work and a printed work. The quality of the Psalterium is undeniable. The […]

Lab #3

For the third lab assignment, I chose to focus on Beowulf, the epic poem that is often considered to be the oldest surviving piece of English literature. The tale of Beowulf was originally told orally. Very few people in Medieval England were literate, and few, if any, books were available […]

Lab #2

At the start of the MFA visit, I was a little overwhelmed. There were so many artifacts to choose from, so I was a little overwhelmed when trying to decide which to analyze. Each artifact seemed significant in some way. However, I finally chose to focus on the Sumerian cuneiform […]

Lab Report #1

For my first lab report, I chose to analyze the book Games Prisoners Play by Marek M. Kaminski. I borrowed this book from a friend who had to read it for a class, so I have no idea how much it actually cost (the price is not mentioned anywhere on […]