Lab #12: Scripting

Code: My prior experience with coding of any variety has been limited to HTML and PHP, and while those languages obviously offer creative possibilities in terms of website building, this exercise was a creative end of coding I’d never considered in much depth before. The idea of a “chatterbot” mostly reminds me […]

Lab # 9 – BPL 19th and 20th Century Materials

I found the comparison between the Bay Psalm Book and Eliot’s Indian Bible to be particularly fascinating in this particular lab. Separated only by 23 years, these two religiously-based texts serve two very different purposes that reflect how the concept of the book was changing around this point in history. […]

Bonus Lab: Will Noel talk

Though we’d already discussed the Archimedes Palimpsest in some detail, I think Will Noel’s talk last week provided some interesting further insight into both that project and, more broadly, the state of data distribution in an academic context. His notion that the Archimedes Palimpsest itself remained closed, even when it […]

Lab #8: Distant Reading

I worked with Tolstoy’s War and Peace for this assignment, which I had only a vague familiarity with but have always found intriguing as a result of its reputation as one of the longest novels ever written. My prior knowledge of the book suggested that it was a historical novel which […]

Lab #6: Across Print Modalities

This lab both confirmed some of my previous assumptions about Braille and surprised me with a few revelations. I chose a line from a Guided By Voices song to transcribe – “I am an incurable and nothing else behaves like me” – and the first unexpected thing I encountered in […]

Lab #4 – XML/TEI Encoding

First off, here is the link to my group’s encoded XML document: Even in our brief investigation of this process, I was struck by how incredibly involved and painstaking it had the potential to be. For me, merely reading the content of the letter (it was Letter 2, for reference) […]

Lab #2 – MFA Visit

The 3 artifacts I investigated were as follows: -Victory Stele of Thutmose (Egyptian) -A Roman coin from the reign of Nerva (96-98 AD) -The cuneiform tablets The victory stele is a large stone object, shaped a bit like a tombstone. It has a small section of carved illustrations at the […]

Lab Report #1 – “How Music Works”

The book I chose to reference for this lab was one of the more imposing-looking ones on my shelf, which I thought would make it a particularly interesting subject. The volume is How Music Works by ex-Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, and the outside front and back covers tell the […]