Lab #13

  One thing that i found insightful during this lab which i later thought about in the lab where we were asked whether or not the ibook presented was a book or not, was the idea of society, and how society has a big impact on defining the meaning of […]

Lab #12, Is Eliza Human?

This exercise with Eliza really reminded me of the ways that computers are becoming more and more involved in our every day lives, and in a sense how they are taking over to some degree. During the exercise I thought about the different ways that I use Siri, and it […]

Lab #9

For this particular Lab/ visit to the BPL, I decided to pay close attention to the different editions of Walt Whitman’s  Leaves of Grass. For this lab I would like begin by doing a compare/ contrast of the two editions that I was able to handle.The Earlier edition: Large (folio sized),Thin, […]

Lab #8

After a few attempts to get some of word cloud systems to work, I was finally able to successfully upload Jane Eyre. I could assume a few things about the book from the tittle, and genre, which were pretty closely aligned with some of the words that popped up on […]

Lab #7

The Book I submitted was William McFee, An Ocean Tramp. In the book, I found something interesting, a newspaper clipping about the author of the book, that a reader taped into it (looks like years ago). There were also several markings all over the book. I found these two things […]

Lab Report 1

  The book that I have decide to focus on for this lab is Dr. Seuss’ Oh The Places You’ll Go. I chose this book because in a way it resembled the cover of the textbook that we have been reading, James Gleik’s The Information. Both books appear similarly in that the […]