Michael Epstein

Hello World

Lab #12 – Python

This lab was an interesting one for me not because of the novelty of coding (I’ve been coding for about 7 years on and off) but because of what we were coding: bots. I ended up not getting my bot program working due to being, shall we say, “overly ambitious”, but in […]

Lab #10: The Museum of Print

This trip was easily one of the most fun and informative days I’ve had this semester. It was thrilling getting to use a piece of technology from the 1840’s to create printed work, and imagining myself in that role of a printing pioneer. That said, it was also a very good […]


#6: Across Print Modalities

Well, this was interesting. I chose a simple motto of mine for my Braille card, (“Variety is the spice of life”), and after a few tries, got the indentations done without any punctures to the index card. Then I started reading… or not. I am apparently unable to read Braille, I found. […]

Lego Brick

#3 – The Dual Medium of Torah

One of the most interesting things we learned about in the scriptorium lab was how difficult it is to accurately copy handwritten text years/decades/centuries after the original was written, and how the meaning changes across the media due to these difficulties. Even today, though, that exact thing is happening despite […]