Lab #13: Multimodal Text

Lyric videos have existed as long as YouTube has been popular.  I remember watching static pictures of my favorite artists, curated by other fans and YouTube users, as lyrics flashed across the screen.  Instead of going to “” or “”, I could sing along with the music playing in the background.  The […]

Lab 12: Twitterbots

The line of poetry I chose to alter using the bot is from my favorite poem, “On Joy and Sorrow” by Kahlil Gibran. The original line is: The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.

Lab 9: BPL 18th and 19th Century Materials

In monthly installments that spanned from March 1852 to September 1853, Charles Dickens released the parts that would be joined to form the full story of Bleak House.  As we’ve spoken about the evolution of the novel, the serialized publication of books can be compared a lot to the way television […]

Lab #5: Rare Books

De humani corpus fabrica and De arte natandi were the books I chose for this lab’s comparative study. Written 44 years apart, the two books contain different content but were created for similar purposes.  Humani was most likely used within an academic setting as it was created to provide as much as was known about the […]

Lab #3: Simulating the Scriptorium

Thought to have been written at different times in a lifetime that spanned from sometime in the 1340s to 1400,  The Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories written by Geoffrey Chaucer. Not having read any of Chaucer’s work previously, I was surprised to find out about how large a body of work The […]

Lab #4: XML and TEI

When I was younger, website design used to fascinate me.  My friend and I used to read up on basic HTML code in our free time while in middle school and then exchange links to our GeoCities sites.  Because of this, the idea of tags and attributes wasn’t completely foreign to me […]