Lab 13

REPRINTED LAB REPORT TEXT FROM WRITTEN? KITTEN! FOR READABILITY While there is obviously a multitude of different ways to engage with multimodal composition and online writing that are crafted for purposes of dissemination, publication, and communication, for this lab I’m trying to engage with multimodal writing on a personal, centralized, […]

Lab #10

Never before last Saturday’s field trip have I used the term “out of sorts” literally. I had anticipated a challenge in arranging my type (a challenge that I would not exactly succeed in in my first round of printing–but having a mirror image of one’s name is almost better for […]

Lab #9: BPL Visit

It was interesting to approach a very similar activity to the one we did in our first BPL visit but with an entirely different set of texts. Because I was more familiar with the texts chosen for this visit, I found myself engaging more with the materials, and was quickly […]

Lab #4: TEI

After getting past the initial nerves in handling a coding language (and trying not to take the assignment as a reminder as to why I am in the area of study that I am), I found myself surprisingly interested in and even understanding of the process of TEI encoding and […]

Lab #1- Decoding a Coding Book

  Forgoing the comforting but familiar books and graphic novels on my own shelf, for this assignment, I ransacked the bookshelf of my more technically proficient computer science major friend¬†and borrowed the entirely unfamiliar instructional computer programming book entitled Realm of Racket (Learning to Program, One Game at a Time!), […]