Lab #13

Is BuzzFeed a more in-depth meme? Yes! Tell me about it… There are many ways that BuzzFeed is consumed. First, it has it’s own website that allows people to search posts by category, take quizzes, create their own post, and randomize which post they will look at. There is also […]

Lab #9: BPL Rare Books Exhibit

  During our second visit to the BPL’s Rare Book Exhibit, we were able to get a closer look and learn a bit more about the history of the books that were chosen for us. The books that caught my interest the most were the editions of Leaves of Grass […]

Will Noel Extra Lab

Short disclaimer: because I am recalling a lot of what William Noel said (most of the power point was filled with only pictures), the names, or other “nouns” that I refer to might be spelled incorrectly and I’m sorry! I used my best judgment.   William Noel’s speech was very […]

Lab #4

  This lab was probably the most complicated lab for me so far. Something that I have never actually done myself nor have I had much experience with in general is TEI (in fact, I can’t remember what TEI stands for at this moment……… Text Encoding Initiative! Yes, I used […]

Lab #3

Chaucer’s Words to His Scrivener Adam Scrivener, if ever it thee befall Boece or Troilus for to write anew, Under thy long locks thou may’st have the scall But after making though write more true! So oft a day I must thy work renew, It to correct, and eke to […]

Lab #1

There are many things that a potential reader might be drawn to when first looking at a book. Sometimes it’s a character that seems mysterious or romantic, in other cases, it might be a delicious looking meal that inspires a chef to buy the cookbook for its entire recipe. This […]