Lab #13

        (sorry these are really bad) I enjoy reading memes, but have never made one, so at first I was a little stumped about where to start. As I was creating the memes, I thought about the multimodality not just of the medium (overlap of text/image/cultural references) but […]

Lab #12

Creating the Eliza chatterbot was something completely new for me. I have never coded before, and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Even though the tutorial was extremely simple, I never thought of coding as something I could easily grasp so I was pleased when my final program […]

Lab 9 – BPL

For this lab, I chose to look at the posters from the abolitionist movement. I was drawn to these posters because of their size and use of text. I also thought they served a unique purpose compared to the books we looked at, though the books were extremely fascinating. The […]

Lab 4

This lab was a completely new experience for me. I have never coded before, so I barely knew where to start. The initial deciphering of the letter’s text took quite some time, and our group divided up the tasks of “decoding” the letter and then re-coding it onto TEI. Most […]

Lab 3 – The Iliad

Homer is traditionally credited as the author of the Iliad, an ancient Greek epic poem set during the Trojan War. He created the first written version of the poem in the eighth century B.C. Before it existed in textual form, bards presented the story orally, usually to an audience. There […]