Lab #6 – Using Braille

For this lab, I chose the phrase “for God so loved the world” to translate into Braille. When I just felt around for it on my embossed alphabet card (before embossing it myself onto cardstock) I found that I could tell the difference between the different letters by feel, but […]

Lab #3 – The Canterbury Tales

I chose to research Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, and the more research I did the more overwhelmed I became, as there is much scholarly debate around various issues of its provenance. I have done my best here to summarize the research I have found as succinctly as possible. The Canterbury […]

Lab #2 – Ancient Texts

The first object I have chosen to analyze is a letter to the dead. It is from Egypt, from the Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6, 2350-2150 B.C. According to the display, “this letter… is from an unidentified sender to a man named Tetiseneb. Tetiseneb’s son was apparently suffering from some type […]