Lab 9

In this lab, I decided to focus on the two copies of The Taming of the Shrew, by William Shakespeare. Both the internal cover pages, displaying the title, were exactly the same, even though they were published years apart. Something that I found very interesting was the layout of the […]

Lab 10: The Museum of Printing

Our trip to the Museum of Printing, I learned a lot more about books and the process of printing. I originally used the slider printers in the large room for my first print then moved to the second room, where the typewriters were, to use the other printer that was […]

Anna Karenina, Lab 8

When first putting the book Anna Karenina through the wordle, just from the title, I had presumption that Anna was the main character of the book and the story was focused around her. Knowing it was a Victorian novel, I assumed that it would have something to do with some […]

Lab 6

I was extremely excited to go to the National Braille Press. It was fascinating to see the books that were entirely written in braille or that had braille lettering taped and integrated into normal books. After making my own braille sentence, I found that it was difficult because I had […]

Lab 3

The piece of literature I decided to focus on was The Odyssey, written by Homer (there are some people whom debate that Homer did not write the Odyssey because it is an entirely different style than The Iliad, but for arguments sake, we will assume that Homer is the author. […]

Lab 4

When we were decoding the text, we found that it was definitely a team effort. We tried to exactly recreate the formation of the letter, but found that we were already stuck on the first word in the letter because we could not read the cursive in the headline of […]

Report 1 (repost)

http://www.amazon.com/gp/digital/kindle/first The book I chose was one of the four free Kindle Prime books for this month, the Moonlight Palace. These books are picked by four editors and available for instant download a month before the release date of the book. It is available for free to people who pay […]

Lab Report 2

Looking at three different forms of ancient textual artifacts I found many physical, cultural, and purposeful differences in each of the items. The first artifact I looked at was the Relief with a Winged Genius. This is a very large slab at least eight feet in height, with the carving […]