Lab #12

This lab opened my eyes to the possibilities of automated responses. To me, it acted like a messaging machine which could decide how to answer certain questions. Quite frankly, its kind of scary as well. Obviously the code we worked with is a very elementary version of what is possible with […]

Lab #9

For this lab, I payed particular attention to the earliest books in the collection: The Bay Psalm Book and Eliot’s Indian Bible. On the surface, both of these books fall under the same category of religious text. Both are early printed books that tried to reaffirm the stories of Christianity through words. Yet […]

Lab #10 Museum of Printing

Simply put, printing is cool; time consuming but cool. The Museum of Printing gave us a change to do some hands on printing with presses that, despite being extremely old, are still in relatively good shape to this day. This aspect was one of the first things that I took […]

Lab #8: Distant Reading

Treasure Island By Robert Louis Stevenson Predictions: Although I have never read the book, I have seen the cover. On it is a pirate who embodies all the traits of (what I imagine) to be a typical ruthless, gold seeking murdering sea dog. Themes: Sea, gold, pirates, treasure Characters: Pirates, […]

Lab #6 Across Print Modalities

Simply put, Braille is hard. It was a definite struggle to even being to decipher a pice of a Shakespeare sonnet that I had chosen to ‘encode’. Following the directions given to us by the nice people at the National Braille Press building, i initially uses my index finger to […]

Lab #3: Simulating the Scriptorium

For this lab, I viewed the popular ballads of the medieval era. What was so unique about these ballads was that they, unlike some of the other texts in this era, underwent many of the editing changes before they were put to paper. Although this decision to examine the ballads slightly differs from […]

Lab #4 Encoding with TEI

Being that this coding exercise was something that I had never done before, I went into this interactive lab with little to no expectations of what would be asked of us and quite frankly, what I would be able to achieve. At first, our group decided to all work within […]

Lab #2

For this Lab, I examined the following: The false door of Khufu-ankh (Egyptian), The Funerary relief of the Publius Gessius Family (Roman) and The Cuniform record of a lawsuit seal (Etruscan). All three contain both unifying and contrasting aspects that can be said to illustrate their purposes in society. The […]