Lab # 13: Writing Online

Writing online and the image that people, corporations, or entities are trying to portray, and the methods with which these images work, are constantly in a state of evolution and never cease to shift. When we generated memes in class with Kevin, it was an interesting exposure to a new form […]

Lab # 12 – Scripting

This semester, and more specifically, this course, has been my first real exposure to coding. Although I use technologies and am aware and very capable of maneuvering my way around a computer, I never realized exactly what coding entailed, or how one exactly “wrote code”. In a world dominated by […]

Lab #8 – Distant Reading

For this lab, I chose to analyze Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, which was published in 1813. As I had never read the book, but heard enough about it to have some idea of what it may entail, it presented itself as the perfect book for which to further […]

Lab # 7 – An Unexpected Poem

Home Confessions- I come to ye after the struggle The glare and rush of the day Numb from the thousand nothings That are wearing my soul away. Alone in the noisy whirling Faint in the dust I sway Still to the cries and callings There is nothing I would say […]

Lab #6 – National Braille Press

The visit to the National Braille Press which we were fortunate enough to go to last week is perhaps the most notable experience I have had in our class so far. Not only was I finally able to learn more about a code which we “sighted” folks are exposed to […]

Lab #2 – Ancient Cultures MFA Visit

Last Thursday, our class took a field trip of sorts with the intention of studying, observing, analyzing, and developing further comprehensive ideas on how writing took form in the Ancient World. We have already learned (in the short two weeks of class) that sometimes the medium can inform us of just as […]