Bonus Lab: Will Noel

I enjoyed Will Noel’s talk. He really is a great speaker, and that comes across much better in person for whatever reason. I was glad that the talk went rather far beyond just a restatement of the Archimedes palimpsest discovery process and findings. Indeed there was a lot of new […]

Lab 8

Knowing very very little about Wuthering Heights, distant reading actually told me a lot. For one thing I can now with certainty identify the important characters. Heathcliff, frequently “Mr. Heathcliff” appears to be the most important figure to the narrator, as his name occurs far and away many times more […]

Lab #6

Before I jump into my experience with braille in this lab I think it is worthwhile to reflect for a moment on my past experiences with braille. I find myself in a similar position to my own in the TEI encoding lab. There my exposure to the rudimentary version of […]

Lab 4: LetTEIrs

TEI TEI was somewhat difficult to wrap my head around. My previous experience with markup (I am not ashamed to admit) was restricted to the modified version of HTML used for shop pages on when I was about 12. HTML of course actually codes in concrete terms for what […]

Lab 3: La Roman de Silence

La Roman de Silence La Roman de Silence was apparently completely forgotten until 1911. The only surviving manuscript copy was discovered in a country house, Wollaton Hall, in Nottingham, England, owned by the 9th Baron, Lord Middleton. The manuscript was found in storage in a crate labelled “old papers-no value.”  The […]

Lab #1 Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary

The Book   The cover of my book offers the following title: ”Webster’s International Dictionary”   An internal cover page suggests the somewhat less succinct title and description: Webster’s International Dictionary of the English Language Being the Authentic Edition of Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary Comprising the issues of 1864, 1879, and […]