Lab #13: Multimodal Composition

[x] The above is a link to my (not often updated) personal Instagram account, where the post is a “regram” of someone else’s original picture as a method of joining a giveaway. Now, I’m not usually one to join a bunch of online giveaways in the slim hopes of winning, […]

Lab #10: Museum of Printing!

The thing I hadn’t truly thought about when looking at the materials we examined at the Rare Books room at the BPL was exactly how involved the process of making them would be. To a certain extent I was aware, of course, but in the time it took me to […]

Lab Report #5: Rare Books (Vesalius & Digby)

Vandreas Vesalius’s De humani corporis fabrica (1543) and Everard Digby’s De arte natandi (1587) are a mere 44 years apart in publication dates, which make them ideal for comparison and contrast. For one thing, both manuscripts were both great undertakings by both of their authors. Vesalius’s codex was considered a […]

Lab Report #4: XML/TEI Encoding 1

I was incredibly excited about this lab in particular, because encoding is something that I was entirely unfamiliar with— actually, until I had gotten to college, I hadn’t even been exposed to it. Fortuitously, having a lot of computer science major friends has remedied that. That being said, I had […]