Lab #13

Is BuzzFeed a more in-depth meme?

Yes! Tell me about it…

There are many ways that BuzzFeed is consumed. First, it has it’s own website that allows people to search posts by category, take quizzes, create their own post, and randomize which post they will look at. There is also a BuzzFeed app that allows it’s users to have full access to its site, whether on a smartphone, iPad/Tablet, computer, etc. Lastly, BuzzFeed can be shared through various multimedia sites throughout the web such as, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and basically anywhere a link/photo/video can be posted online.

BuzzFeed is unique to online writing, as it’s “mother source” is an online website, however I think that it has stemmed from various teen – young adult magazines that include fun facts, bits of current events, celebrity life, quizzes, and other various information that someone might find useful or humorous.

BuzzFeed is very similar in the way that a meme would draw in its viewers/followers. It could be considered as a more in-depth meme in the sense that it is recognizable, uses both text and imagery to stimulate, and its information relies on society, current events, or anything that might be current, popular, or trending to continue it’s popularity within the media.

BuzzFeed’s constituent modes are primarily textual and visual, however there are a lot of videos that go along with certain posts as well. Majority of the posts are usually going to be text with visuals that help further describe the text. During this lab, we were asked to create memes. When thinking about the meme I wanted to make, I thought of something that was pertinent to a news story/viral web related story, but I also wanted to personalize it to something my specific audience (Technologies of Text class) would find humorous or enjoyable. I didn’t end up actually creating my own BuzzFeed post, but I thought about what that would entail. It would require the first bit of thought or idea that I had for my meme, however then I would need to take it a few steps further and add more text explaining my topic and probably have more visuals and facts relating to the story. This is why I see some BuzzFeed posts as being more in-depth memes!



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