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Lab #13: Multimodal Text

Lyric videos have existed as long as YouTube has been popular.  I remember watching static pictures of my favorite artists, curated by other fans and YouTube users, as lyrics flashed across the screen.  Instead of going to “metrolyrics.com” or “azlyrics.com”, I could sing along with the music playing in the background.  The […]

Lab #13

        (sorry these are really bad) I enjoy reading memes, but have never made one, so at first I was a little stumped about where to start. As I was creating the memes, I thought about the multimodality not just of the medium (overlap of text/image/cultural references) but […]

Lab #13

Is BuzzFeed a more in-depth meme? Yes! Tell me about it… There are many ways that BuzzFeed is consumed. First, it has it’s own website that allows people to search posts by category, take quizzes, create their own post, and randomize which post they will look at. There is also […]