Lab #13

Good One


One thing that i found insightful during this lab which i later thought about in the lab where we were asked whether or not the ibook presented was a book or not, was the idea of society, and how society has a big impact on defining the meaning of a thing. To explain this thought further, during the meme lab it was interesting to see the different examples of memes, some we had encountered, like the famous Dos X image, accompanied by words, and others were examples of memes that didn’t work. In the ones that didn’t work the images and the words clashed against each other, which caused the message to not make sense, or not be funny.

It was interesting that when we were asked to make our our meme’s a lot of the students created meme’s that related to this class, like the one I created above. As a classroom community we understand the joke, but if we weren’t a part of this community of students within this class, the meme wouldn’t work.

In thinking about meme’s, and creating meme’s it made me think about Pinterest and how much it is a socially driven form of online writing/ communication that as a society many of us engage in. On many online websites people have the option to communicate and share their ideas by pinning and repinning images and ideas. Pinterest is a really unique form of online writing which I believe comes from the idea of the push pin board where people were able to plan things out like wedding ideas, or gardening tips. The push pin board is kind of like a dead media if we really think about it in that sense. More and more society has taken to Pinterest in order to replace the push pin board. Like the meme, Pinterest is primarily visual, it can be auditory in some instances, and text is important in lending to the visual and auditory in order to make things more clear to users. Like meme’s Pinterest is really interactive, users can go in and create boards where they can pin things to, and share with other users in the community online.

Both Pinterest and Meme’s are genres of writing/ communication online that is impacted a lot by society and the people within society.  Kress defines several ways mode can affect meaning and effectiveness of a composition and through the building of a Pinterest page, and through the building of a meme the design process is interesting because it is easily accessible to users. In both of these genres the affordances are much greater than the limitations because as a society users are using these tools more and more to express their creativity and ideas.

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