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Lab 13

  For this lab, I contributed to the private Facebook group called Dogspotting. My¬†post included a photo of a cute dog and a caption to that specifies where the photo was taken. The piece of writing (or whatever) is consumed by members of this private group on Facebook. The¬†facebook group […]

Lab 13

REPRINTED LAB REPORT TEXT FROM WRITTEN? KITTEN! FOR READABILITY While there is obviously a multitude of different ways to engage with multimodal composition and online writing that are crafted for purposes of dissemination, publication, and communication, for this lab I’m trying to engage with multimodal writing on a personal, centralized, […]

Lab #13

  One thing that i found insightful during this lab which i later thought about in the lab where we were asked whether or not the ibook presented was a book or not, was the idea of society, and how society has a big impact on defining the meaning of […]