Lab #13: Writing Online 1

grumpy cat8You can find some examples of memes at these websites:

Reddit r/AdviceAnimals

Reddit r/Memes


You can make memes with these sites:


Meme Generator


You can research meme origins here:

Know Your Meme


Lab Report:

For this lab we talked about multimodality, and created a basic form of multimodal writing—the meme. We spent some time discussing how memes circulate, how they are produced and consumed.

For your lab report, find another genre of writing/communication that circulates online and participate in that genre. As you design your composition, pay attention to the rhetorical choices embedded in the design decisions you make.

Your lab report should consist of your piece of writing (or whatever) either embedded, linked, or somehow connected to your post, and a reflection about some of the questions below:


  • How and where is it consumed? Is it unique to online writing? How does its form signal those uses?
  • What are the composition’s constituent modes? Is it primarily textual? visual? auditory?
  • What is the relationship between text and the other modes in your composition?
  • In Literacy in the New Media Age, Kress defines several ways mode can affect meaning and effectiveness of a composition (fitness, epistemological commitment, causality, etc.). Think about the decisions you made in your design process; what are the affordances and limitations of composing in these modes for these purposes?
  • What is the relationship between written text and other modes (images, etc.) in your chosen artifact?
  • What did the act of designing this composition teach you about how it makes its meaning?
  • Compare your composition with the meme you made during the lab. How is the design similar? How is it different? What can this tell you about the audience, purpose, and/or context of your composition compared to those of the meme?

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