Lab 9

In this lab, I decided to focus on the two copies of The Taming of the Shrew, by William Shakespeare. Both the internal cover pages, displaying the title, were exactly the same, even though they were published years apart. Something that I found very interesting was the layout of the pages. It took me awhile, but I found two pages from the same exact point in the play and it is obvious that the books came from two different printers or, at least, two different print periods, because the start of a line or a sentence are on completely different points on the page.

Not only was the layout of the pages that are different, the older copy of the book as significantly less breaks in the page. Also, the reason why it was difficult for me to find the corresponding page numbers, was because one of the books did not have the Acts stated in the play, instead there were small indentations and a break to a new line. This made the play look more like a continuous novel, which, reading wise, just made the production just look like one continuous stream because there were no breaks indicating a scene change or passing of time.

These contrasting characteristics gives some insights into the time period and, possibly, the progression of the Plays. Considering that one of the books has little to no mentions of acts or scenes and the other book does, it shows that at some point, there was some thought and revision that went into the play to bring some clarity into the production and the presentation. At some point during the mass printing of books, we see that at some point, the play began to gain more attention and more care and time went into printing it before it was put on the market.

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