Lab #11: Wikipedia 1

For this lab, English and Theater Librarian Amanda Rust will lead the class in a Wikipedia editing workshop. You can work in teams (or alone, if you wish) to make a significant contribution to a Wikipedia article.

Before Wednesday, familiarize yourself with the links on the page Amanda has made for the class here (focus especially on the links under the “Understanding Wikipedia” section). 

What we are asking you to do is to contribute to a Wikipedia page such that quality of the article can be raised as close to a ‘B’ grade as possible (see Editorial Assessment). These contributions can take many forms which we will discuss in more detail in class. Once you feel you have contributed enough that the article warrants an assessment, you will post to the talk page of your article with a note that spells out your justifications for raising the article grade. Something like: “I would like to assess this article based on Wikipedia’s standards, and believe I have moved the article up a class for XYZ reasons, but am happy for outside input on assessment and improvement.”

Some articles have more formal mechanisms for requesting assessment, but everyone should at least make this kind of post on the talk page.

For the lab report, you should email your Wikipedia username and a link to the talk page where you posted your request for assessment. No other reflection is required for this lab.

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