Anna Karenina, Lab 8

When first putting the book Anna Karenina through the wordle, just from the title, I had presumption that Anna was the main character of the book and the story was focused around her. Knowing it was a Victorian novel, I assumed that it would have something to do with some sort of romance involving Anna. I expected bit like Pride and Prejudice because, honestly, it is the most recent and may be the only book I have read around this time period.
From the wordle, I can see that Levin is the most prominent word as well as other names, like Anna, Alexey, Vronsky, and Alexandrovich. Other words that I saw were prominent are one, face, and see. From this, I’m having the barest assumptions that vanity and possibly loneliness are common themes within the book. One of the names I stated could be a male love interest for Anna or maybe family figures, like a father.
From Voyant, I was able to filter out more stop words. From this, there are other words that become more prevalent, like the word yes, know, time, and life. This makes me think of the book being optimistic and possibly light-hearted. More character names show up, like Stepan and Ivanonich, which makes me think again that this is a very romantic focused book because of the presence of all the male names and only one female name, Anna. Even looking at infrequent words, like horses or agriculture, which gives some insight into the time period, does not give much into the storyline.
It is possible that this book could be from the perspective of a poor family, versus a wealthy family, but with the amount of male names and only one female name, I believe that Anna comes from a wealthy family because the way a female would come in contact with the amount of males is from balls and house calls, which is very much a standard that comes with a wealthy family.
Looking at the book as a network, I can see that almost everything is connected to Levin, the most prominent word in all of the wordless and in the network. There is a lot of connection between him and Anna, so I would assume that they end up together in the book. There is also a lot of connection between Anna and family, so it is not a stretch to assume that the family has a strong effect on her relationship with others and her romantic relationship. This is also consistent with the time period.
On the Ngram viewer, I looked up the most common words pertaining to the book and found that Levin spiked around 1910 and 1930, but also has trended to be used a lot more present day. This would make sense around publishing dates, especially if there was a re-print or a new edition of the book came out.
After reading the first chapter, I found myself completely confused. Anna did not even appear in the first chapter. There is no mention of either of the character and from the first chapter we see that family is probably the largest theme in the book and that there is a conflict between Stepan and his wife. Anna could possibly be their daughter, but the last names do not match up. So from the series of wordless, networks, and reaching the first chapter of the book with absolutely no prior knowledge, I still have very little idea what this book is about. The wordles and network seem like they would be a useless resource to give you an idea of the book, but would be a good highlight for someone who may have already read the book and needs a quick refresher on concepts within the book.

I have decided that I am going to read this book though, just because I am really curious to know what this book is actually about.

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