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Lab #2

While at the MFA, I chose to look closely at the Egyptian sarcophagus of Meresankh II, the Mesopotamian foundation deposit of King Warad-Sin of Larsa, and a Roman ring with a cameo. While all three of these pieces are representative of wealth, they serve significantly different purposes. The sarcophagus–a massive […]

Lab 2

The three items that I chose to investigate are, a block statue of Prince Mentuherkhepeshef from Egypt, a pair of earrings with a Greek inscription on them from Rome, and a foundation deposit in the form of a plano-convex brick from Mesopotamia.  The block statue is made of Grandiorite.  The […]

Lab #2

At the start of the MFA visit, I was a little overwhelmed. There were so many artifacts to choose from, so I was a little overwhelmed when trying to decide which to analyze. Each artifact seemed significant in some way. However, I finally chose to focus on the Sumerian cuneiform […]

Lab #2 – MFA Visit

The 3 artifacts I investigated were as follows: -Victory Stele of Thutmose (Egyptian) -A Roman coin from the reign of Nerva (96-98 AD) -The cuneiform tablets The victory stele is a large stone object, shaped a bit like a tombstone. It has a small section of carved illustrations at the […]

Lab #2 – Ancient Texts

The first object I have chosen to analyze is a letter to the dead. It is from Egypt, from the Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6, 2350-2150 B.C. According to the display, “this letter… is from an unidentified sender to a man named Tetiseneb. Tetiseneb’s son was apparently suffering from some type […]