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Lab #2

For this Lab, I examined the following: The false door of Khufu-ankh (Egyptian), The Funerary relief of the Publius Gessius Family (Roman) and The Cuniform record of a lawsuit seal (Etruscan). All three contain both unifying and contrasting aspects that can be said to illustrate their purposes in society. The […]

Lab #1

There are many things that a potential reader might be drawn to when first looking at a book. Sometimes it’s a character that seems mysterious or romantic, in other cases, it might be a delicious looking meal that inspires a chef to buy the cookbook for its entire recipe. This […]

The Boys In The Boat

  The book, The Boys In The Boat, is the text, which I have chosen to analyze for Lab Report #1. (Front cover pictured above) The front cover of this would easily grab my attention simply because of the fact there is a image of rowing on it.  It is vary […]

“My Name is Albert Camus” Exploration

The internet emancipated the syndicated comic strip, allowing authors to develop their medium with near complete control over the message being conveyed to their audience. Comics split off according to subject of interest, and tight fan communities quickly grew. Given the influence that the wildly popular comic XKCD has had […]

Lab #1 Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary

The Book   The cover of my book offers the following title: ”Webster’s International Dictionary”   An internal cover page suggests the somewhat less succinct title and description: Webster’s International Dictionary of the English Language Being the Authentic Edition of Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary Comprising the issues of 1864, 1879, and […]

Lab #1- Decoding a Coding Book

  Forgoing the comforting but familiar books and graphic novels on my own shelf, for this assignment, I ransacked the bookshelf of my more technically proficient computer science major friend and borrowed the entirely unfamiliar instructional computer programming book entitled Realm of Racket (Learning to Program, One Game at a Time!), […]

Lab #1 – Morning Glories

I chose Morning Glories for my lab, because I wanted to do something other than another book, after looking at the Harlequin romance books in class.   Morning Glories an ongoing series that I have spent a great deal of time thinking and writing about, so it was fun to […]

Lab 1 – Mortified

    Based on a stage show in which grown men and women confront their own childhood journals, letters and documents, Mortified, the book, puts into print the creation of David Nadelberg, a team of editors, and dozens of submissions from adults with cringe-worthy, sometimes cathartic, pasts.  The outside cover of this […]